What is day-to-day life like when you live with a disability?

Since the Paralympic Games in 2012, the consensus of opinion is that people have a more positive attitude to disability. What are you doing that is different? Do you REALLY appreciate the issues people living with a disability face on a day-to-day basis? My new training programme, APPRECIATING LIFE WITH A DISABILITY, for schools, businesses and the general public builds on my lifetime of experience since I was born with Spina Bifida. Let me help you better understand the daily challenges people face and we can collectively deliver the Paralympics legacy.

What We’re Wheelie Like…

Out-dated assumptions and perceptions about what life is like using a wheelchair have to change. This fascinating insight into wheelchair life is ideal for people of every age, while a special teacher's resource programme has been developed for children in junior primary schools.

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Presenting Made Simple

How often have you suffered watching a bad presentation?
If you are invited at work or in an organisation you're involved with to give a presentation, how do you avoid joining the ranks of those who give a presentation others will dread?

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