Social Media

  • We help you attract more traffic to your website by using our TAPPS service on Twitter
  • We connect wheelchair users to each other to share their knowledge and experience
  • We promote products and services that make life easier and more enjoyable for wheelchair users
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Wheelchair Ambassadors

  • Help other wheelchair users find out more about suitably accessible places to visit near where you live
  • Contact other wheelchair users to get more information about the accessible places they go to often
  • Represent where you live as well as places you go and know well as their Wheelchair Ambassador
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International Wheelchair Day

1st March 2017

  • Celebrate the freedom a wheelchair provides to users
  • Celebrate the support from carers and providers of wheelchair services
  • Recognise & respond to the fact that globally, millions of people are unable to get a suitable wheelchair

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Public Speaking

  • Become more confident and competent at speaking in front of a group of people
  • Practice regularly in front of friends who will offer constructive feedback to help you improve
  • An opportunity to enjoy developing communication and leadership skills in a friendly, welcoming environment
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