Wheelchair Ambassadors

Many Accessibility Information websites have been launched over the last ten years or so, inviting people to submit reviews about places they go. Great ideas and I commend their efforts.

There’s lots of useful information out there to help those of us who use a wheelchair to find suitably accessible places to go, and I urge more people to continue to submit reviews.

However, there’s often insufficient or conflicting information and sometimes things have changed since the review was done.

Wheelchair Ambassadors offers an exciting new approach to help wheelchair users find places (e.g. restaurants, cafes, pubs, attractions, etc) to go that will meet their specific accessibility needs. We aim to grow a vast network of wheelchair users and their family members, friends and professional carers willing to be contacted by other wheelchair users to share detailed information about places they may go regularly near where they live.

We aim to build a database of one or more Wheelchair Ambassadors for each City, Town and Village in the United Kingdom and the rest of the World who can promote accessible places they go near where they live if they are contacted by wheelchair users wanting to visit that area.

This is a new and unique initiative complementing other Accessibility Information websites and blogs. Engage directly to people who are Wheelchair Ambassadors for their locality, perhaps those who submitted reviews or wrote the blogs. These are trustworthy people who share a common interest as fellow wheelchair users.

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