Turn on the TAPPS and get more Sales in your Business!

I’m sure you agree –  the more people that know about your products & services, the more you’ll sell!

Our unique TAPPS (Tweets About Places, Products & Services) service posts upto 100 tweets per day to your Twitter account, directing more people to your website to find out what you can do for them.

100,000 or more tweet impressions (the number of times users see the tweets on Twitter) per month have been achieved for current clients, so we’re sure you would like that much exposure for your business? Check out your Twitter Analytics to see more many impressions your current activity is achieving. I’m guessing like many businesses, it’s in the hundreds or low thousands at best.

Once we agree the daily tweets with you, we do the rest! We’ll post the tweets to your Twitter account on your behalf. Just sit back and watch out for the impact.


You can sign up for our TAPPS service from as little as £49 per month (plus VAT) and there is no long term commitment. You pay for a month in advance, so if you want to stop using TAPPS, simply stop paying and we’ll turn off your TAPPS.

Contact us today at tapps@wheelchairsteve.com or call 07834 760375 to sign up for TAPPS and get more sales opportunities for your business.

See below some live feeds of TAPPS tweets we’re currently processing.

Bathroom Tap

Kitchen Tap