International Wheelchair Club

Membership of the International Wheelchair Club is totally free. We ask for very little information about you. No information you provide will be shown on this or any of our other websites, or passed on to any third party.

We aim to establish a large group of people throughout the World who have a common interest – they use a wheelchair or mobility scooter or are associated with one or more people who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

The objective is to help that group of people by encouraging everyone to share knowledge, experience and information which will be helpful to others. Perhaps, you’d like to start by telling us about somewhere you go often or a product you use that helps you.

See full details on the International Wheelchair Club website.

We also aim to canvas opinion from members from time to time about important relevant issues or to comment on developments we are proposing for our websites or business.

You will only ever be contacted by email.

We hope the International Wheelchair Club proves to be beneficial for you and by everyone collaborating as we plan, we can collectively make a significant difference in the World for people who use a wheelchair.

Thank you.

Steve Wilkinson
Managing Director, WheelchairSteve Ltd


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